The Origin Of Kilim rugs - Egypt Overlooked Treasures

Kilim weaving is one of the most ancient kinds of arts and crafts of the world .
The ancient Egyptians were pioneers in weaving textiles and amazing kilim rugs . Egypt location played an important role in spreading weaving techniques to other civilizations for hundreds of years.
Ancient Egyptians used different types of yarn such as linen which was made from Flax that grew along the Nile as early as 5000-6000 years ago. Wool was later introduced as civilization progressed.
Tribal kilim can transform and liven up rooms in your home. They add
coziness, color, warmth and pleasure. Egypt is one of the best producers
of breathtaking kilim in the middle east although it is lesser known
in the world. Persian, Kazak, and Armenian styles are produced in
Egypt everyday and shipped out to may parts of the world.
Most people don’t think of Egypt as an interesting source of beautiful kilim and rugs. That perception is not accurate at all ! Books and references about rugs and kilms do not ever talk about new sources of oriental rugs! They prefer the easy way , that is to talk about historical sources of kilim such as Iran, Pakistan , Cacause etc.. It is safer for them to pick the easy way !
Almost all books in the market talk about Persian kilim !
Beautiful Egyptian Authentic Gifts rugs kilim are difficult to describe ! You must see it and feel the beauty of its positive energy within your home environment
If you are looking for an oriental rug or kilim that stands out with an edge , an Egyptian oriental rug can come with so many intricate designs . It is luxurious, warm, soft and easily fits in most homes. They also have an edge in price over expensive Persian rugs. Most weavers of kilim are women located in certain desert areas. They come from different tribes in Sinai peninsula, east of Egypt as well as Western Desert near Matrouh west of Egypt.
Upper Egypt, Cairo , Beheira, Damanhour are also a great source of beautiful wool, silk oriental rugs as well as modern looking colorful kilim.
There is a revival mood to uplift Egyptian traditional crafts that suffered in the past from negligence due to short sighted vision of previous administrations within the country. Right now, the support and assistance to local industries is overwhelming .I have personally bought an Egyptian made beautiful Kazakh wool kilim for my reception as well as hand loomed natural silk rug from one of the best stores in Egypt .

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